Which Roo Are You?

  • 2015
  • Branding and Ad Campaign
  • Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator
  • Creative Directors: Mary Stalter & Liah Pérez
  • Illustrator | Print Designer: Mary Stalter
  • Web Designer: Liah Pérez

“Which Roo Are You?” is a comprehensive ad campaign for an exclusive line of fanny packs by Harveys Handbags. My partner, Liah Pérez, and I designed the 7 fanny packs, each based on 7 types of people who could best benefit from a pack. Each pack also has a kangaroo mascot to represent its type. We ultilized a fun, but modern style to overcome the negative fanny pack stigma, and created a connection with our through the "Which Roo Are You?" slogan. I designed and illustrated the fanny packs and kangaroos, and, together with my partner, reworked the Harveys Handbags logo. I incorporated these elements into the print campaign, while my partner designed a responsive companion website with an interactive game where you can meet the mascots.

Each pack has exclusive features to fit it's intended user. For example, the Trainer Roo Pack has a waterbottle holder, pedometer, and large pockets for holding snacks and valuables.

The Roos engage the audience in a fun way, and encourage them to consider how a fanny pack could be useful.

The print campaign spans across a variety of outputs.