• 2015-2016
  • App Design
  • Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | InVision
  • Research | UI/UX: Mary Stalter, Liah Pérez & Eve Qiao
  • Branding: Nisha Sposato

Three fellow designers and I created and researched the concept for a stress relief app we named Insquire. The app helps users find ways to reduce stress based on their situation. Users can also track their stress over time, to identify patterns in their behavior. We conducted our own research on stress relief, completed user-testing with our audience, and exhibited our final concept at the 2016 Imagine RIT festival. View our process here.

Insquire uses basic questions to generate suggestions for the user, and acts as a comforting companion.
The user-interface is simple and easy to navigate, so users can easily get the information they're looking for.
We tested out the usability of our concept with users a number of times throughout the process. Most notably, we exhibited at the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and later at RIT's Imagine RIT festival.

Try out insquire below.