Period Press

  • 2016
  • Branding, Book Design, Website and Ad Campaign
  • Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator
  • Creative Director: Mary Stalter

For my senior capstone project I created the concept for a company called Period Press. Period Press provides out-of-print books through print-on-demand technology. Customers can order out-of-print books through the website and have them shipped to their homes, all for and affordable price. The branding focuses on traditional book design elements, but in a clean and modern way. To create a complete system, I designed the Period Press branding, book covers, a responsive shopping website, packaging and advertising.

The covers make each book a treat to recieve and collect, while maintaining Period Press branding.

Responsive web design makes the website easy to use and aesthetically pleasing on any platform.

Packaging and an ad campaign that spans print and web complete the system.