Sincerely, Wegmans

  • 2015
  • Packaging Design
  • Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop
  • Graphic Designers: Mary Stalter, Lena Laque-Almond & Liah Pérez
  • Industrial Designers: Koby Trout & Corey Mccue
  • Packaging Scientist: Jill Secrest

My group and I worked together to redesign Wegmans’ Organic Greek Yogurt Packaging. By conducting interviews, examining yogurt packaging, and listening to Wegmans’ concerns, we concluded that transportation, sustainability, and premium experience were the key areas to focus on. The industrial designers created an appealing but efficient form, that naturally stacks for added stability. Our packaging science member guided us on using cost saving materials and in-mold labeling for easy recycling. We graphic designers created the concept for a new premium sub-brand, called Sincerely, Wegmans. This brand represents the family aspect of Wegmans, and utilizes traditional illustrations drawn by me. We focused on a more premium style with cleaner graphics, while adding watercolor textures to emulate the fun Wegmans brand. For more detailed information, download our processbook.

Front and back label graphics.
Each flavor's lid emphasizes Wegmans' history.
While each flavor is clearly displayed in the seal.
The cups stack efficiently in a recyclable cardboard crate.